Sledgehammer murder

A Tennessee teenager on trial for murder says he killed his mother with a sledgehammer because she knew he had been raped by his older brother and did nothing about it. Davis was later convicted of attempted first degree murder and aggravated arson and will spend the rest of his life in prison. In the confession, he can be heard telling authorities, “I killed my mom in her sleep with a sledgehammer. This is your time to tell us why that happene” a cop later says.

What caused him to commit such a gruesome act?

A Cheektowaga man who used a sledgehammer and shovel to attack his former girlfrien her father and her friend was found guilty Monday on attempted murder charges. A jury convicted Mark Dublino, 5 on two counts of second-degree attempted murder , four counts of first-degree burglary, one count of . In an exclusive interview, Dr. Phil sits down with Zachary Davis, who was convicted of murder for brutally. Was that because Warren Underwood was the sole victim with a terminal disease? In that interview, conducted two months before his trial, Davis detailed killing his mother, Melanie Davis, with a sledgehammer.

Teens admit to using sledgehammer in Plano murder. Two female teenagers said they used a sledgehammer to kill an elderly man in North .

She was wanted on attempted murder. A homeless man accused of fatally beating another with a sledgehammer during an argument in the Midway District street faces a possible life sentence if convicted. Police have seized a firearm, a sledgehammer and a wrench as they probe the alleged murder motive. If you think an actor is behind this, is there one actor in particular that you suspect? Then again, her boyfrien the . Robert Overcash, 2 faces a first-degree murder charge in the death of Shawn McKee, 41.

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While Loguewas performinginside, Andrews was waiting outsidewith a sledgehammer. They notedthat he hadexpensive video equipment anda safefullof cash. Whenthe partybroke up,Logue let Andrews intothe apartment.

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Look at all these names of people who stayed here. The murderer had taken it. A MAN has been found guilty of bludgeoning a binman to death with a sledgehammer as he slept in his favourite chair in the work canteen. A BRUTAL killer bludgeoned his lover to death with a sledgehammer then slept for the night next to her body, a court heard.

A JEALOUS husband who murdered his wife with a sledgehammer because she was having an affair has been jailed for life. David Lancaster struck his wife of years Helen six times with the weapon and smothered her with a pillow as she slept at their home in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. A man who bludgeoned his wife with a sledgehammer because she was having an affair is jailed for life for her murder. October by a jury in Summit County Common Pleas Court of aggravated murder and other charges in . Five years after a sensational, love-gone-wrong attempted murder — in which one Manhattan psychiatrist allegedly ordered another Manhattan psychiatrist bludgeoned to death with a sledgehammer — the accused would-be killer. Psychiatrist indicted in bludgeoning of baby daddy with a sledgehammer.

A man who killed a tradesman with a sledgehammer after seeing people changing shapes has been found not guilty of murder by reason of mental impairment. Ten years later, seven friends acquire the .