Spike mat

FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Spike mats do not alleviate chronic pain. But pain sufferers who have tested a spike mat did experience a measurable reduction in the worst peaks of pain, according to recent research in Sweden.

The latest export from Sweden may be lying on a bed of spikes — sort of like the old bed-of-nails idea but with a Swedish design touch. No scientific studies have been undertaken to rate the efficacy of this bed-of-nails therapy but thousands in Sweden recently set a Guinness world record for group .

The Swedish Spike Mat provides pain relief, relaxation and helps you to fall asleep. It gives comfort to aching, tired muscles. Sit down at the base of the mat and slowly roll your back down until you are lying on the mat.

The acupressure on the spikes will bring immediate healing warmth to your back as blood circulation increases. Acupressure Mat for Back Pain First, lay the mat down on a flat surface. If you have pain in the lower back, you can roll . The Combi shown here has soft spikes and hard spikes.

Looking for something harder?

Try the Classic (1 hard), or the Flex (1 soft spikes). All mats come in two pieces which link together, so you . The Gatimat has helped many people and can help you, too. The history of the Spike Mat started thousands of years ago with its roots in Eastern medicine and Indian mysticism.

The “bed of nails” has been used for relaxation exercises, meditation and yoga, as well. The spikes work in a similar way to acupuncture by waking up the body – restoring its pranic flow and directing blood to areas in need of healing. Shakti acupressure spike mat available at liveYoga Amsterdam. Acuswedemat is a Swedish acupressure mat , or “spikemat”, that provides pain relief and relaxation by increasing circulation and myofacial release.

A durable vinyl runner that protects floors from spikes or skates. Log-in or register for your pricing. These mats are NOT Yoga Mats but more of relaxation mats or mats to just “be upon” for a few minutes daily. They are cotton mats with bunches of nylon or plastic spikes fixed on them.

Discover how Pranamat ECO massage mats can help you create a greater sense of well being by activating all areas of the body and easing muscle tension. We believe that taking the time to relax on a daily basis will contribute to a better quality of life, prevent stress related diseases, and a happier and more relaxed you. VELKOMMEN TIL SKISTARSHOP.

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Gurus and Yogis in the practice of healing and meditation. The origin of bed of nails is in Indian mysticism, and it is believed to have been around for thousands of years. ORGANIC ACUPRESSURE SPIKE MAT AND ORGANIC COTTON BAG by STYLEWELLNESS.

The acupressure mat is a new acupressure product which has grown in popularity over the last few years and contains 2carefully positioned spiked flowers, with each flower hosting pressure points. Active Spike Mat is effective tool for releasing muscular tension, aches and pains. Pressure of the spikes enhances blood circulation and it makes you feel calm and relaxed. Material: 1 cotton, spikes ABS plastic.

SPIKE acupressure mat – The mat is similar to a Bed of Nails that has been used for thousands of years in India. This mat is comparable to the “Bed of Nails” that have been used in India for many year. The Lotus Spike Mat is a fantastic way to induce relaxation that you have to try to believe.