Zero glide nut

Easily installs in minutes with no permanent alteration to your fretted instrument whatsoever. Available presorted to fit common string spacing and . Advantages of the ZerO Glide Nut : Lowest string action. This means the string action is optimally adjusted throughout the length of the fretboard.

The result is truer intonation at every finger position. Ever notice that after you bend and .

Not only does this give you constant contact with the metal frets, it also reduces the string height at the nut, and reduces downward string pressure. Am I tempted to fit this solution to my own guitars? The nut slot depth can have a great deal to do with intonation and playability, so I assume that there may be an issue in how the nut was cut for the SM-6. There is, however, a good chance that you have never come across the idea before, since it never really caught on with the big US manufacturers an paradoxically, tended only to be found either on more expensive . About a year ago, I repaired my nut with the CA- bone dust approach, and it has held so far. Lacking a good luthier in . The basic idea is to cut a shelf into a bone nut to allow placement of a zero.

The nut of a banjo or any stringed instrument is that small piece of hard material which holds and anchors the strings at the end of the neck closest to the peghead. Zero Glide nut from Stew Mac.

The nut holds the strings at the proper height above the . Anyone tried zero glide ? Shop with confidence on eBay! Mange gitarbyggere har gjennom årene hevdet at løsningen med . Fulfilled by SportHiTech and shipped from Glenmoore, PA, United States . The guitar recently had frets replaced. Because of the neck profile, the guitar had a string back buzz when barring in higher positions. Compare the ruler at the top of the sizing guide to an actual ruler.

In order for the sizing guide to work, it must be printed at full size! Printer dialogue boxes (like the one shown below) vary from one printer to . See video for installation procedure. Replacement bone nut incorporates a zero fret for improved action and tone. It is the seamless integration of these parts from top to bottom that distinguishes the great from the good.

For the player, the moment begins when string crosses the nut to emerge over.